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The best motivation for team members, staff, employees, and outsource relationships is engagement. When you are engaging them, showing an interest in them, working at their side, their motivation is instilled and supported.
I've found motivation can come down to an individual level. People are all motivated differently, it seems. I think being a GREAT leader vs an average "boss" is figuring out what the individuals motivations, goals and dreams are.

I like the Richard Branson approach of "Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to"

This can certainly backfire from time to time, and it has for me, but it's not to say I won't continue to treat people well that work for or with me.
It all starts with culture and finding the right team that believes in the 'why' of the business! If your business has a culture infused with trust and passionate team members that believe in the purpose of what the business is trying to accomplish, very little motivation is needed!

For example, the team at BizON is all passionate about redefining how people can buy, sell and grow businesses or franchises in the digital world; and we all believe in our why and purpose....we all believe people should wake up loving what they do and we see ourselves as the marketplace to help them sell a business so they can start their new journey or buy a business suitable to their lifestyle :)


A lot of motivation is about praising the members of your team, but at the same time you have to be careful not to go to far.

A team that gets to much praise may become a little complacent occasionally so you need to keep them in their toes at the same time aswell.


Be part of the team and be accessible. Don't just tell your team the vision; make them part of it and tap into their opinions very often to feel out the temperature of the individuals vs the whole team. Incorporate their ideas where possible and make them feel good knowing that they contributed to something good. Everyone wants to part of something good. Promotions, praises and raises are just simply what everybody else is already doing.
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