Sometimes life is simple... what makes complex is too much of unwanted information.

What steps should I take or books should I read that will help me to broaden my knowledge regarding products and their ability to meet customer needs?

Every book and person will tell their own stories of what works to them. Does it work ? Or you are trying to replicate them .. think about it.

Emotion of Selling is just the other side of buying. Best way is to work until you can buy what you sell others.


What's the situation you're in that leaves you considering walking away from a sale in the first place? Long sales cycle? Difficult customer you'd have to work with ongoing? Need more context.
Tough customer, don't know if he is legit. At one point he wants to collaborate. Change his mind very often.
I keep in mind the Pareto principle. 20% of your customers will consume 80% of your time and resources. Sales are great, but I've found that if a client is difficult, changing the target, or I get the sense they don't even know what they want or value the service I'm selling, it's time to cut loose and focus on those who are firmer in their focus.
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