I would love to know what your everyday looks like, and how you find peace as an Entrepreneur? It's always fun to learn and see how different people experience peace and what they do.

Do you have a certain practice or have you just disciplined yourself to be at peace with whatever situation you are presented with?

What helps with you?

I believe a large part of entrepreneurship is knowing you could be hit with any situation at any moment, but knowing that the journey is worth the risk. What's even more difficult to find peace with is that you, the owner of the business, are responsible for remedying whatever less-than-desirable circumstance is thrown at the business. There's no handing the responsibility off to someone else or walking away from the situation—it's all you.

But in a similar vein, the rewards are also yours. Sure, you may owe a "thank you" to a few other people once your business succeeds, but you're the one who carried your business through thick and thin. That's something to be immensely proud of.

For me, it's a simple comparison of risk vs. rewards.
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