Take a second to think about this: what brands have a significant impact on your lifestyle? Whether it’s what you wear, what’s around your household or what you use on a day-to-day basis. If you constantly think of the same brand(s), then they have successfully achieved the title of a ‘lifestyle brand’.

A lifestyle brand is a brand that attempts to embody the interests, attitudes, values, aspirations or opinions of a group or culture. Lifestyle brands aim to inspire and motivate people with the goal of impacting the consumer’s way of life. This includes tailoring goods and services to the expectations and experiences their consumers crave.

We’re back with our Digital Advantage team to provide the few steps to creating or transforming your business into a lifestyle brand:
  • Be a Culture Creator: This is the first and very important step to creating a unique brand that has the potential to blossom into a lifestyle brand. Creating a culture is what made the success of businesses like WeWork, which is a co-working space that caters to startup brands and small companies that need an office space, but cannot or do not want to commit. This creates a culture of like-minded entrepreneurs that perceive WeWork as a lifestyle.
  • Consider Your Target Audience: Content marketing is a vital part to reaching your target audience. When it comes to lifestyle branding, you want to make sure it’s relatable. For example, Red Bull markets their energy drinks to individuals who enjoy sports and outdoor activities with their slogan “Red Bull gives you wings.” The brand could easily market themselves as other energy drinks do by promoting a product that keeps you awake. However, they chose to take the route of marketing the product as a refreshment for those who are full of energy and awaiting the next adventure. Sound like a lifestyle you or someone you know lives? That’s exactly the point and it’s shown throughout all of its marketing efforts from social media to advertisements.
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