Hi all :) First-time poster. Small business owner who recently started. Wondering if there is an affordable way to engage a 3rd party in comparing my nutrition bars with top selling brands & certifying it/vouch for it. The plan is to leverage it to market us. The reason for the third party is so that the top brands don't drown me in lawsuits even if I had the merit, just to deter me.

I have been suggested that I go to independent bloggers. I could find some who have done a comparison in the past and see if they can add my product to their comparison in the future. I may end up doing that in parallel. It is just that I don't control their process, and when such comparison would be released.

The third party comparison would give me an edge in a crowded market.
Hey @TwistedEther , welcome to bizwarriors.

Just wondering , did you try going after research firms at your local state ? I am sure even google will be able to give you few list of Authentic firms who have readily available reports. Just a thought !!
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