How Different Generations of Consumers Use Social Media [Infographic]
by Jess Rozario-Ospino,
April 19, 2020

In a recent survey of 1000 consumers and 500 businesses, Animoto found that 75% of Millennials' purchase decisions were influenced by a brand’s social media presence. But that's Millennials, a generation that's largely grown up online, and those response figures vary significantly across the different age brackets - so which platforms should you be focusing on to reach your target market?

Some of their key findings include:
  • Gen Z chose Instagram as the platform to follow brands
  • Baby boomers spend most of their time on YouTube and the Facebook Feed
  • Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X selected YouTube as the platform they rely on when making purchase decisions
For more insights, check out the full report here, or take a look at the highlights in the infographic below.



Julia Sta Romana

Top Contributor
This is exactly why most marketers still flock to Facebook and Instagram. They know most of their market is there. It also helps that Facebook provides marketers with so much data. Our ads are better targeted and we see early on how much it would cost us,, allowing us to get better ROI for every dollar spent on ads.

Trust me. We tried doing ads on Twitter. On a $ by $ basis, Facebook is better.
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