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How can an Eastern Europe start-up target the Western World?

Discussion in 'Sales' started by Serje, Apr 15, 2016.

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  1. Serje

    Serje Member

    Hello Pejman,

    Hope everything is well at your side. I am currently working on a new online startup of mine. The business model is quite straightforward - a design agency. The market is very saturated but I still think it has a room for potential and new opportunities. I’ve been constantly monitoring the internet market and noticed that due to cultural, social and mindset differences people tend to perceive things differently. Obviously so but sometimes I wonder what the client is really looking for?. Let me give you an example.

    Throughout the 4 year journey of creating startups I have come across a lot of customers from all over the globe. Of course most of them wanted to get a worth service or a product. But I’ve noticed that people of the West are a bit skeptical about the East products. Well I consider myself a Eastern Europe citizen but honestly sometimes people don’t see any difference. What are you really looking for when a new business has come to your hood? Quality service? - Yes! Treat your customers well and you’ll get more clients afterwards? - Yes! Be unique? - Yes! All these rules are significant but when I ask the questions on different forums I get lots of versatile answers and a lot of negative feedback. Maybe negative feedbacks bring more ideas? Do you actually look at the origin of the start-up or it doesn’t matter as long the great quality service is given?

    Best Regards,

    Hope my questions are not embarrassment)
  2. Pejman Ghadimi

    Pejman Ghadimi Member

    We are a culture that is expecting to pay less if overseas for work but that said I personally do not care if your business originated in or out of the US, as long as its in the US now. I personally dont like outsourcing due to cultural differences as well as the lack of opportunity to meet in person. I have 1 designer who is currently abroad and I am trying to bring him here to live in the US as soon as possible

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