Apr 6, 2021
This field has been buzzy for a while now, but I'm curious to learn how actual entrepreneurs are using data/analytics to drive decision making during day-to-day operations. Is this a big focus area for you? Or do you feel the emphasis on data/analytics is overstated?

Do you have a set of KPIs you regularly measure progress against? How useful/reliable are your metrics?

Have you been able to automate your approach to data gathering/processing? Or is this something you're doing manually by hand?

If you plan to make improvements in the area of data/analytics over the coming months, what kinds of changes do expect to drive the greatest ROI?

Would love to hear a few perspectives on how other business owners are approaching these kinds of questions in the real world.


Apr 22, 2021
Looking at a big amount of data can be really exhausting and we had this way of making analysis for a long time. It is not the most productive way. Now we have an ERP system with a few different types of reports and a Power BI integrated into it. This is a life-changer.

Most of the report is made just with a few clicks and the BI reports are automated and visualized. Now our day-to-day reports are easy and fast and we don't waste time with them.

Totally recommend to every business to find a good ERP suitable for them.

Julia Sta Romana

Top Contributor
May 2, 2017
In addition to marketing, we've used it in making improvements on our website. How to make it easier for customers to get the information they need and how to make the sales process smoother.
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