Oct 7, 2021
I would like to develop is a company providing a small and wide variety selection of dried fruits that can be easily distributed across different restaurants and supermarkets across the country. With this idea we can customize a selection of fruits that are not just exotic but also emphasize a strong health benefit for any type of lifestyle. By importing the dried fruits from a trusted provider, we can package them and market the product based on the location of distribution more accurately.
What I think will make my product special is the following 6 things
  • The fruids will be all natural without adding sugar
  • I will use the most popular distributors like (amazon and other physical store supermarkets)
  • Because the drying process will be in Egypt it will be cost efficient
  • Shipping will be in bulk to Montreal to save cost.
  • I will be using recycled product for packaging to benefit from the tax cut which will drive price lower
  • My pricing scheme will be different according to who is buying the product so it will be cheaper for those who can’t afford it
  • I’m thinking about multiple discount schemes for customers who want to get a monthly/weekly subscription

    I believe this idea will help many people who are seeking a healthier lifestyle which is currently on the rise, be able to achieve it in the most affordable and convenient way possible.

Julia Sta Romana

Top Contributor
May 2, 2017
How's the storage life of your dried fruits? Because I think you should also look into selling your dried fruit to schools and gyms. If they can be stored in bulk or in vending machines (to make healthy snacks more accessible) for long periods, I think you'd have a solid market there.
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