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help! what do you do when you realize your start up idea is already taken?

Discussion in 'Planning Your Business' started by miguel, Aug 18, 2016.

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  1. miguel Member

    what do you do when you realize your start up idea is already taken?

    hey, i'm a new member to this site. i joined becomes i'm looking for people that have been in my shoes. i don't know what to do know that i realized my start up idea is already taken. Do i continue to keep working on it or just let die.

    *it's a very ego crushing feeling*
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2016
  2. Dr. Cash Member

    Try and find ways your product or service can be better than your competitor and execute. Just because someone else has your business idea doesn't mean you will fail if you pursue it. Good Luck!
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  3. Ciaran

    Ciaran Member

    I wouldn't give up on it straight away. Google wasn't the first search engine. Amazon wasn't the first online store. Ebay wasn't the first auction site.

    See the pattern? They didn't have first-mover advantage, but they executed better!

    Do they have any weaknesses that you can take advantage of? What can you do to build on what they already have, but also differentiate yourself to make yourself stand out?

    If you can find ways to improve AND differentiate yourself at the same time, I would carry on. If you can't, I would scrap the idea and move on!

    I hope this has helped! :)

    PS: Just thought I should mention that I don't have a business, and that this is just my opinion!
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  4. azgold

    azgold Moderator MVP Member

    /\ Love this!
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  5. Eric777 Member

    The world is filled with endless possibilities take note of them through this process:

    Build your passion: believe it or not you have a heart brand and that is the very thing you do that makes you happy and enthusiastic. Find it and build it. The internet had broadened the oppurtunity we have take advantage of it. Acquire information and build on what you are more than what you have.

    Stay positive: by staying positive you create an atmosphere of possibilities. An entrepreneur takes his passion product to the world with an appearance of focus and excitement. Do this and you will find great change.

    Take advantage of your time: no one said it would be easy but being an entrepreneur has to do with facing challenges accept it not. So face it with a positive attitude and most importantly by utilizing your time.
    Work and strive each day to make the most of your Day.CHANGE WONT RUN TO YOU. YOU CREATE CHANGE.
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  6. Hey Miguel, I would, personally, still go for it! Especially if it's a product that has been selling a lot!

    Don't let it kill your ego...Use it as an ego boost after you end up selling a lot more. :D

    You can still make buying it a complete difference experience by optimizing customer service (as it's been mentioned before), the website, packaging, and sales copy.


    Let us know how it goes mate!
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  7. olgab

    olgab Member

    Miguel, go for it! If idea already taken it doesn't mean you can't do it better.
  8. azgold

    azgold Moderator MVP Member

    Yes, take an idea and make it better.
  9. Diken Smith

    Diken Smith Member

    Research the market and make it innovative idea to make your business more unique than others..
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  10. CoolSpot

    CoolSpot Member

    If anything you can look at it as a benefit as it's going to give you access to information that you would otherwise not have. Look at what they do and how they work, find the weaknesses and then set about a plan of attack on how you are going to solve those problems.
  11. Marek Kaczmarz

    Marek Kaczmarz Member

    ^ There is literally nothing to add to this post. If the market is already saturated then it means that there IS demand for it. Personally I would be glad that you have found someone. Tapping into completely new, undiscovered markets, is far more scary.
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  12. Inspir8tion

    Inspir8tion Member

    Keep pushing! you'll come up with something amazing. Even if the idea is taken, you have the power to add something great to it.
  13. VirtualGlobalPhone

    VirtualGlobalPhone Moderator MVP Member

    @miguel ; Anyone can take an idea and start but one can not copy the hard work, passion, love of oneself.
  14. Agree with everyone here! Actually, I would even go further.
    I don't jump into a business unless there is already a competitor there.
    Competitor = $$$ to be made.

    I know my place in the business world - I am not a Jobs or Gates...
    I am not a crazy visionary/innovator. But I am one hell of a great executor.

    Actually, looking back, don't think Jobs or Gates are innovators of their idea as well..
    "Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal" - Steve Jobs
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  15. Dreamer Member

    Best Post Ever!!!!! Passion has a funny way of trumping logic!
  16. Dreamer Member

    to me a small piece of the pie is still good.
  17. Well actually is not a bbig deal you know? Idea isn't everything in Business, Execution is. You could take your Idea and make it different from the other one. and maybe you could be more susscesful than him/her take care
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  18. If you really want that idea, you can still pursue it but be sure there's something that people won't see with the one who took it from you. Be unique with it.

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