Help us to create a financial assistant tool that helps you run more predictable business

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Jan 18, 2019

Long Story Short
We had financial issues a couple of years ago. Our business was close to bankruptcy. Clients paid overdue, projects went over budget and past deadlines, we made a lot of bad business decisions and lost key business partners. It was a really tough time.

We started to identify the cause of problems. The cause was financial management. We worked on sales, growth tasks and new projects, while financial tasks were postponed from today to tomorrow to next week. We needed financial management to work with us, not against us.

We have created a financial management tool that helps us to solve these problems. We get paid faster and overdue payments lowered by 67%, double-check our business decisions with projections, foresee and avoid upcoming financial issues and plan long-term. We run a more successful and predictable business while working on financial tasks less than ever.

Our financial management tool is fine, but we see an opportunity to make it more special, to create a financial assistant who will:
- work 24/7
- accessible from anywhere
- inform you about upcoming financial issues proactively
- guard your categories budgets
- guard your project budget and deadline
- email your partners about upcoming payments due
- inform you about partners behavior patterns
- track your financial goals progress
- teach and inspire you to run more successful and predictable business

What do you think about it?

We’re looking for small businesses that will participate in this idea with us. Help us to build it, so it can help you and other small businesses to run more successful and predictable business.

Are you interested in it?


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