Oct 19, 2021
  • We are a group of college students doing a project for an Entrepreneurship class. As part of our customer discovery and validation process, we need to hear from people like you about what you think of our idea: Cashlete
  • Given the new NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) rules that allow college athletes to get paid, our school project is Cashlete, a service that connects college athletes looking for sponsorships to small businesses who are looking for help advertising through a Tinder-like app. Our primary value is to provide a service that streamlines the connection between college athletes and name, image, and likeness endorsement opportunities. Cashlete does this through its app and database that allows athletes and sponsors to create accounts and specify preferences before being able to swipe through potential matches. Sponsors can list their endorsement offers and filter their suggested athletes based on sport, team, or experience. Meanwhile, athletes can filter their suggested sponsors based on compensation, industry, or region. By combining all NIL deal hassles into one user-friendly platform, players and small businesses can maximize their marketing and earning potential. Cashlete also offers legal, marketing, and financial consulting for premium package athletes.
  • Feel free to answer any and all of the following questions:
    • What do you think of this idea?
    • What critiques do you have about this idea?
    • How do you think this idea could be improved?
    • How much would a small business pay a month as part of a subscription service for access to athletes looking for sponsorships?
    • How do small businesses want athletes to advertise for them?
    • What types of small businesses would benefit the most from this?
    • Please give us any other comments or suggestions you have! Thank you!
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