Before I can begin some sort of campaign, I need help figuring out and crunching the numbers as to how much I would need to even get the thing running. According to the Marijuana Enforcement Division in my state, the cost for the application alone is $5,000 ($4,700 with waivers) then I will need to figure out the following:

- Add cost for website development, and app development.
- Add cost for some type of facility (office or warehouse) to store supply (or work with cultivators directly)
- Add cost for trademarking business name.
- Add cost for some type of shipping service.


I think you should work first either online or offline and save up cas to start. On the other hand you can ask relations who are interested in your business to help fund. Better still have contribution among your friends and colleagues and pick yours when it is your turn to collect the contribution. With this you'll be able to raise funds for your business.
Website development and app development does not cost much. You can get a website (with free website builder), in $2 a month from iPage. You can post a job on freelancer site about app development and you can get a good app for just about $30.
By the way what kind of business are you starting?


Well it is pretty much the classic case of how to fund, and that is something that comes with any adventure. The beauty here is that you are planning a fund for something that you can replenish, which of course gives you options. Loans are never out of the question, just make sure that you get a good rate. It seems like the options you are mulling over though are some where some research might save you a bit of money too, so never skimp on that.

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