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Have you been to......

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Maylis Boardman, Mar 14, 2016.

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  1. Maylis Boardman

    Maylis Boardman Member

    Have you been to the Pink Beach of Great Santa Cruz Island, Philippines?

    Attached Files:

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  2. Federico.Gimeno

    Federico.Gimeno Member

    Wow, looks great. I haven't visited Philippines yet. But I does look cool.
  3. ReadmeByAmy

    ReadmeByAmy Member

    Wow! The island looks amazing! I did not know that there is such a Pink beach like that in the Philippines. Thanks for sharing and this must be a really nice place to go on a travel.
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  4. ianternet

    ianternet Member

    I have not. I will have to visit.
  5. Ladyferoz

    Ladyferoz Member

    I recently visited the Philippines but did not hear of them. It looks stunning, however, I really would like to visit black sand beaches of Hawaii. Absolutely stunning but apparently not oo safe due to the constant volcanic activity Blacksand.jpg
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  6. remnant

    remnant Member

    I have not been to the Phillipines. I have to without reservations, state that the scenes you have posted are out of this world. Not much is known about the Phillipines save for the regular news bulletins I have heard about natural disasters. Its idyllic and deserves to be the eighth wonder of the world.
  7. ruener79

    ruener79 Member

    Wow! That beach is awesome! I wonder what part of the Philippine archipelago is that located. The Philippines definitely has beautiful beaches, waterfalls, caves, etc. If you are nature lover, you'll definitely have a wonderful time in the country. Go to El Nido Palawan for its pristine beaches. If you like to dive, Coron in Palawan, Moalboal Cebu, and Balicasag in Bohol are just few of the dive sites that you will thoroughly enjoy.
  8. I've never been to that area but the picture you've attached looks absolutely surreal. I don't know much about those areas. However, as I see with my own eyes, the nature there is amazing. So, they are kind of gifted.
  9. Apolloniac

    Apolloniac Member

    I've heard of this beach but considering I'm a Filipino it's not much of a surprise. The island is amazing ofcourse, the pink beach really sparkles in the light of the sun. I've never been there but I've heard from friends that it's a great place, the summer is pretty crowded with tourists though so it's really up to you if you like crowded beach party scenes.
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  10. Novelangel

    Novelangel Member

    I've been to the Philippines and I loved every minute of it. However, I never did see the pink beach. Most of the beaches I went to were coarse, black sand, which the people rub on their skin as a method of exfoliation. That sand is murder to try to get completely off your skin and out of your swimsuit afterward, as I found out... especially if you are trying to take a "bucket" bath in a limited amount of space.
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  11. Valerie

    Valerie Member

    Ugh, that beach looks stunning. I could use a vacation right now, and that looks like the scenery I could ensconce myself in for a good, long while. The Philippines in general seem like a wonderful place to visit. This just persuades me even more to save up some pocket change for an adventure there.
  12. FenWoFon

    FenWoFon Member

    Well I have not been there but actually, Philipines is one of the countries that I would like to visit soon, so Philipines, wait for me.
  13. azgold

    azgold Moderator MVP Member

    I've never been but every single picture I've seen has been incredibly beautiful!
  14. Nathaneal

    Nathaneal Member

    Holy Pixilated. But woah beauty
  15. ekhlas

    ekhlas Member

    No, I never have been to Great Santa Cruz Island. However, after watching your screen shot image, I wish I could go there.

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