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Have a lot of ideas but can't find the perfect one

Discussion in 'Planning Your Business' started by Tiago Miguel, Aug 6, 2016.

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  1. Tiago Miguel

    Tiago Miguel Member

    I'm new to this forum so just to give you a quick introduction my name is Tiago I live in Portugal and since I was around 13 years old or less I always had that desire and ambition to build my own company. Currently I am 18 years old so 5 years have passed and in that time I started a lot of projects (5 to be precise) and they all whent well and things where in a good path but after a while I just stoped.... Because even though I liked it I didn't loved it.

    And that is why I am here, from what I have read and seen a lot of successful entrepreneurs say that you need to have passion about what you do otherwise you will just lose interest and stop after a while and I have been for 5 years searching for the one true thing that I am really passionate about but I can't seem to find It and I am not asking you to come up with a great idea out of nowhere I'm just telling this because It might not be just me facing this kind of problem and if someone know any way of fighting this I would be very thankful.

    Just to end this post, the only thing I know I really love is cars I really really really like cars so If you have any idea of something car-related tell me please

    Thank you for giving your time to read this
  2. Carter

    Carter Member

    Hi, Tiago!

    Firstly, when I was your age I loved cars, too! I found cheap cars on craigslist.com,
    mautofied.com, etc. made repairs and then resold. Most of the time I kept and drove them for a month or so and then sold. I never made a lot of money, but it was pretty normal to profit $1,500 or more each flip. Lots of haggling, searching online and risk in that field, but I just enjoyed the cars and didn't honestly car if they sold or not.

    The first deal I made involved me trading an 89 CRX shell, a blown up engine, a dell laptop and $1k cash for a 01 Motorcycle that had issues. I took that bike and kept trading up until I eventually had something worth $15k, then cashed out.

    If you don't love it, quit it -

    I don't agree with that statement, completely. Sometimes you have to do things to don't want to in order to reach certain goals. Absolutely the end result should be you working a job you love, it will likely take many different learning paths to get there. If you like something you are doing, especially if it's profitable, continue doing that until you find something else you like more.

    I hope this makes sense and helps you in some way, it's late here and I'm barely able to keep my eyes open!

  3. VirtualGlobalPhone

    VirtualGlobalPhone Moderator MVP Member

    Welcome to entrepreneurfix @Tiago Miguel . Best wishes, we look forward for your interaction here ...
  4. Isaac Kieffer

    Isaac Kieffer Member

    First off, welcome to the forums. A lot of very smart and educated people on here who can help you out.

    Secondly, I would like to point out I have gone through the same thing and continue to go through it. My problem may be a little different and I am currently 19 so not far from where you are now. I started building a business when I was 16 doing the car flipping thing with my dad and that never got me anywhere, the thing about cars is even when you buy a brand new one you lose money out the lot. My father sold cars for 20+ years and has never found a way to "get rich" off automobiles.

    I then graduated high school to jump into real estate sales which taught me a lot of what I know now, but as you mentioned I didn't like it at all and quickly ran tired of it. After going through 5 or so business ideas that I failed or didn't try hard enough at, I am now running a pretty successful painting company. I know painting isn't my passion either but a time comes where you have to stop playing around and actually make some money. Now that I have bought myself some freedom I am back to the same problem I had before. How can I find my passion? I enjoy painting because I can automate it well and who doesn't like making easy money.

    Recently on this forum I read a comment about how you can have passion for business in general. The idea that your passion can be to create a big business regardless of the field it is in. That really stuck with me as I have enjoyed building my painting company from 1 job a month to 2 a week, and I can get it much bigger. That in itself has found me motivation to keep building the company. The problem I have now is, how big can I get? If you think your passion is business, just ask yourself what you are good at, and how big can you make it?

    Hope this helped, feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
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  5. VirtualGlobalPhone

    VirtualGlobalPhone Moderator MVP Member

    This is it ... and well said @Isaac Kieffer
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  6. Wanderer1689

    Wanderer1689 Member

    All the best buddy with your plans

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