Habits may take a few weeks to form, but only one day to start.
  • What are your favorite habits that keep you on top of your game and embracing life to its fullest?
Here's a few we recently shared on our FB page:

1. Level up your hydration game (seriously)
2. Practice healthy boundaries (where do you give away your yes's and no's too freely?)
3. Release guilt (and shed the weight of this burden)
4. Journaling (clear the mind and set goals)
5. Stargazing (gives perspective and reminds us to be humble)


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1. Listen before you think and think before you talk.
2. Be in the conversation more than 60+ seconds.
3. Do what you say and say what you believe in.
4. Do without expecting anything.

Are 4 pillars i am working on from 20+ years , results are amazing! and every day something new to learn and implement.


Work intelligently - if you can find ways to make work simpler, more efficient, go for it. You don't want to get stuck doing something for hours on end, knowing that somewhere out there, a tool exists to probably shorten time spent/automate the task.
Set boundaries - if you say you're out of the office by 5, try to follow it. If you're working from home like me, if you promised to stop checking emails by 3pm, you better follow through. Or else, you develop a habit of overworking, making yourself more susceptible to being burned out.
My favorite: don't feel guilty wasting time doing "useless" activities like Netflix bingeing, mobile gaming, or Tinder prospect hunting. These actually help "cleanse your palate" from too much repetitive work. Just make sure to go back to #2 boundaries, and set a number of episodes to watch before going back to battle.
Francis86 Thank you for contributing your advice! I think you nailed it with all of these. I love what you articulated about boundaries and not feeling guilty going hand in hand.


Interesting viewpoints here. My biggest challenge has been coming to terms with bad days. It sounds very corny and easy to practice, but it has been difficult to deal with bad days (productivity-wise). I have just recently begun to grit my teeth and power through a bad day. It is exhausting, but very satisfying. It changes my mindset for the next day. It improves my mental strength.

Things I do to power through a bad day:
1. Eat healthy food
2. Cut out all distractions
3. Focus on quality over quantity
4. Constantly tell myself to achieve my personal target for the day
laugh You know what, I think you have given voice to something that is truly important: how to move through those rough and challenging days. And you know what? EVERYBODY has them, no matter how successful, or wealthy, or famous they are.
Your #3 really hit home. Because everyone will be able to tell when you sacrificed quality for quantity.
Thanks so much for sharing!
Just be grateful, every single day, even if it's only for a few minutes.
I feel like it's so important to just stop and enjoy a cup of coffee with a beautiful view and just appreciate the simple fact that you are alive and breathing - even if you are struggling, even if it's a bad day or week or month. This will completely change your mindset, learning to just be for a little while everyday because it really puts every single aspect of your day to day life into perspective.
Just my two cents!
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