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1) I launched my e-commerce site several months ago after about 6 months in the making. The competition is tough, and the majority of the market share is going to a single large company. Our platform is "better" than theirs in most key areas, but they have all the business and we're virtually getting none of it. We have a few more things to develop and put in place, most significantly a referral program, and I suspect it will make us barely profitable in a couple of years from now. We'll have spent about 150k. 2) If I invest another 100k (250k total), I predict we'll be making a profit in the 50k/year a couple years from now. 3) If I put in another 350k (500k total), I predict we'll be challenging the market leader toe to toe, which should get us a sustainable 250k+ profit a couple years from now.

I haven't given you nearly enough information to give me advice here, but my question for you is a bit simpler - have you experienced a similar phenomenon in an e-commerce site? Invest a little barely survive/invest a lot be very successful?


The key to success is people, not money. Reaching out to people shouldn't be expensive remembering Google spread through word of mouth. I found out about google later when it was featured in Time magazine. Imagine finding out about Google through print reading instead of a net advert!


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leosmith , never fight competitor or market leader with MONEY you will loose all. I know its hard to take but thats the fact. You should focus on whats missing and offer that as your unique offerings and put your Quality, support and price in such a way that customers falling from that bucket and new customer will be yours. Just a have a thought on these and re-plan.

Best wishes.
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