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Great Example of Mailer Marketing

Discussion in 'Marketing and Promotion' started by Edvin, Jan 9, 2018.

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  1. Edvin

    Edvin MVP Member Top Contributor

    I'm not sure about you, but I've seen the Daymond John's ad, a Shark Tank Investor, all over this forum. I've even seen him other places on the net as well.
    I have thought about attending his event but dismissed the idea.

    Well, a few days ago I received a glossy (apparently expensive) ad with two tickets (marked at $147 each) to attend a local event. I don't know what to expect in the event; but, I'll see if I can make myself available :)


    Now lets talk about marketing:
    • The mailing was high glossy print to maintain the image brand.
    • The mailing envelope was personally addressed to me.
    • The target audience is obviously entrepreneurs.
    • He probably got my information from a mailing list; satisfying certain demographics (age, income, etc).
    • The information may have been cross referenced with Small Business Development Center records to find entrepreneurs.
    • The marketers may even have looked at county or state records to find business owners.
    • Not sure if I would attend for $150; but, a free ticket from an event that is backed by a celebrity investor did get my attention.
    • $147 ticket ends with 7, which I talked about in pricing section of my post.
      The odd number makes the consumer take the time to think about the value; as appose to bargain price ending with 9.
    • It had an offer that is hard to refuse; it's FREE.
    • They probably had a trigger. That is, Try to get paid subscribers until a specific date. The free offer was sent to entrepreneurs after expiration date to insure maximum ticket sell revenue as well as lead generation.
    • He used an ad agency to help with creative, copy, photo-shoot. We don't expect someone like Mr. Daymond to take his own picture; and the the quality is apparent.
  2. NAVIN

    NAVIN Member

    Thats cool,( your eye is everywhere, where you can boost your knowledge.... :)
    ) Please Share the event after you join....
  3. Edvin

    Edvin MVP Member Top Contributor

    I couldn't attend Daymond John's event from above because of a scheduling conflict. My 6 year old son worked hard (with little help from dad) to build his derby car and I didn't want him to miss the experience of cub-scout derby race because of my endeavor.

    In any case, I'm noticing promotions more as I start thinking about my own business.
    Yesterday I received another great example of Mailer Marketing from Men's Wearhouse, which I wanted to share with you.

    The ad is a large glossy print, which undoubtedly was not cheap and is a promotion geared towards high-school students that will attend end-of-shool-year prom celebration party.

    Do you think it was an accident that I received this email and that my son is a high-school student?
    Additionally do you think it was an accident that my next door neighbor who has two children under the age of 5, didn't get this ad mailer?


    Both my neighbor and I have used Men's Wearhouse (MH) in the past and we are probably in their database; but, MH relied on (third-party data) to send out this mailing. How can I be so certain? Well, if we look at the mailing address (below), we find that they got my first name wrong. Additionally, I haven't used MH for a longtime, so they would not have my current address in their records; so, they would have to rely on third-party data to get my contact info.

    PIC_0042.JPG To be honest, I didn't notice the wrong first name in the mailer at first; I don't usually look at the mail recipient if it looks like it is intended for me.​

    Now that I presented some great examples of mailer marketing, I challenge you to join me in creative thinking and take this to the next level... How can marketers improve on this?

    First, my high-school son is 14 years old. So, it would be best if they waited for another three years.
    Or perhaps it is better for them to keep sending me mailers for the remaining three years as a reminder? Na, their effort is better focused toward the conclusion of high-school; but, sending multiple mailers towards for the prospecting high school graduates.

    Second, how much attention would this mailer get if the young man's face on the front cover was my son's face?
    Is that possible? Why not! After all, you've seen his picture in this forum. His face (along with every member of my family) is undoubtedly some where on social media (facebook, twitter, instgram, linkedin, etc).
    I don't think we need machine learning; but, exiting social and third-party data maybe able to connect these dots.
    Even if we hire outsource someone to manually scrape the web for a small mailer campaign might prove interesting exercise in the quality of conversion and ROI effort.

    Lastly, I want to conclude with saying that sometimes it might be more effective marketing campaign to send un-targeted mass mailing than a laser focused personalized marketing; but, this is something that you have to figure-out for your business via trial & error.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2018
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  4. NexlevelBiz

    NexlevelBiz MVP Member

    Old school marketing is still around and can be effective but...
    Here are few comments/questions

    1) The promotion ad flyer seems dated.

    2) I assume this is directed to parents who probably make up a good proportion of people buying for their kid's event. If so speak to them directly. Meaning hopefully they also target moms, and of the parents buying, moms make up a good portion if not the majority. So again speak to them. Can't tell if they are, hopefully they are though.

    3) Let's say this is geared toward and gets in the hands of a high school kid, where is the QR code to quickly get them to the site (Not to buy but to say schedule an appointment, or even speak to someone with a question).
    I strongly believe in linking every customer touch point with smartphone/digital engagement, somehow.

    4) Men's Wearhouse need to get people into the store does this ad have a real "call to action" to get them into the store (can't tell from the pix, maybe it does). I don't know if a lot a people get tuxes online so the model is to get people into the store.

    5) They could have saved some money. A half size postcard with a QR code will play to the younger and event crowd, can't fold it easy (a trifold) and put in a pocket or for women a small purse. If I get this in the mail and don't want to forget the ad, I take a picture and toss the expensive color glossy fold out. Who still does trifolds via mail anyway?...Men's Wearhouse.:)

    6) The trifold promotion flyer just does not seem contemporary and up to date. I assume these pix are for the best sellers of tuxes from prior years. If not that's an issue. Advertise your best sellers when you got to pay for the ad (unless you are trying to move slow-moving items for sale, which is a different strategy).

    To your continued success.
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2018
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  5. Edvin

    Edvin MVP Member Top Contributor

    Great tips Darly; see my comments below.
    a) Do you mean the quality of ad; if so, then that is my fault for doing a poor job of taking the picutre.

    b) If you mean creative/artwork can be improved, then what do you suggest? I lack in the creativity department :)
    The motivation for these questions is to learn things that we should consider (if we can remember).​

    The ad is mostly pricing, but it does talk to the parents:
    Did you know your teen can earn a free tux/suite rental or a $400 shopping spree? All they have to do is join our Prom Rep program and get five friends to rent with us. Visit our store or for more information.
    We'll show them how to let their personality shine with colorful socks, pockets silks and lapel pins
    A few months ago I would completely agree with digital touch point on the print; but, I want to draw your attention to a finding that I talked about in one of my postings. In short, the business owner found that digital touch points lead the prospective customers research competitors online; thus, yielding to lower conversion. By excluding the the digital touch point on the flyer and using phone number for call to action, he argued that he received more leads. Furthermore he argued that a person is better in promoting product/service than a website.

    This makes sense to me; but, I am skeptical and agree with importance of digital tracking in today's marketing campaign. Therefore, I would suggest A/B testing the mailers. One set of mailer can contain the digital footprint for tracking, and the other an exclude digital messaging (but track-able via coupons). Then track the result of the campaign so that they can be revised for the next campaign.​

    You make a fantastic point. I don't see a good Call To Action (CTA). Only the message from above:
    "...Visit our store or for more information...".
    Copy writing for good CTA should consider the following (more here, here, ...):
    With that in mind, I would add this message in strong large print near middle/end of the fold: (what do you think)?

    Don't limit your teen's choices by waiting to the last minute, call today to help your teen find an AMAZING look for life-long memorable experience.
    Above copy ads the sense of urgency; but, it also makes use of marketing power keywords You and Amazing (here, here, here, here, here, ...).

    There is a "$40 coupon" and a "40% coupon" in the back that are perforated for credit-size carry, which addresses the carrying concern you highlighted.

    The QR code is still questionable (see my A/B test); but, the coupon helps with tracking marketing campaign.

    Lastly, I agree that they could save money; but, to what extent?
    I love the fact that you are challenging it.
    Do you have any insight/experience you can share?
    Looking at this article suggests that tri-fold is really a small brochure, which is usually presented when client has expressed more interest; otherwise, a "sell sheet" would do. We can take this further to talk about the size of the flyer as well, which I would say that A/B testing is the best gauge.

    Interesting point; but, I doubt if Men's Wearhouse paid for models, and photo-shoot just for this mailer. Instead, they probably used a photo-bank, which is what most small businesses would do. However, I do like that personal.​
    Last edited by moderator djbaxter: Mar 5, 2018
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  6. NexlevelBiz

    NexlevelBiz MVP Member

    Great response Edvin,

    Based on your posts you are very creative. If someone gave you a creative work or piece (a marketing plan or sales plan, with creative content) I guarantee you will creatively execute that plan. I know you are referring to the creative artwork but...creativity in managment occurs at each step in the business spectrum. I consider myself creative at solving problems no matter what discipline the problem is, and for the enormous amount I don't know I "creatively" seek resources.

    Anyway I was not impressed with the mailer. I see that you indicated that it was geared toward parents but I still believe calls to action are so important as you indicated.

    Also that QR should go to a deep page in the website with a catch to come into the store (an extra 5% of maybe). Remember once they are in the store the "upselling should make up for the lost discounts (if done right).

    A/B testing is very effective if done correctly to pinpont where and how effective a campaign might be. You can save depending on what you want to accomplish. A tri-fold mailer just seems to expensive to me when a half sive postcard will do to try and motivate store traffic.

    Men's wearhouse already has name recognition, so brand development is not part of the equation. Which could make the tri-fold piece important to develop brand recognition for some businesses.
    Also, for me the mailer was not diverse enough in its ethnic makeup but that will depend on geography and I did see some diversity in the flyer.

    Great topic!
    To your continued success,

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  7. gallagher

    gallagher Member

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  8. SARubin

    SARubin MVP

    Out of curiosity, when is the prom? If it's more than 5 or 6 weeks away, they might be wasting money by sending the promotion out this early.

    The sad reality of today is, we seem to live in a world of electronically induced ADHD. And for many, this flyer will be all but forgotten in a few days (maybe a week or two, at most?)

    Unless this is just the beginning of a multi-part promotion, and they're going for the frequency of awareness approach? In which case, a few more mailers at given intervals could give MH a solid "top of mind" awareness leading up to the prom.

    A few months ago, I think the personalized picture would have been an awesome idea. Unfortunately, timing always plays a key factor.

    And with all the news cycles of personal data being collected by big companies (and being exposed and/or sold to third parties) now, having a personalized image scraped from the internet, could come across as a bit stalkerish, and invasive?

    It could be worth a try. But my gut tells me it would backfire.

    Just my 2 cents

    All the best,
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