It really is a good idea. I'm glad you decided to pursue it! There seems to be an error on the link though, Joe. When I try to visit it, it goes to the admin page to log in (so you might have shared that link instead of the kickstarter page for us to see :p ) You can always edit it so we can see it though whenever you read this. I remember seeing the page when it was in beta from one of the other links you posted previously, and I still think that it will be a great sell to anyone who likes pillows but especially to people doing tech videos or for furniture in a home or office of people who love technology. People love something comfy but fun in the background of what they do that keeps them focused and lets them enjoy it even more.
What kind of app is that? Is it available on Apple store, or Google Play or both? Did you develop the app yourself. What kind of campaign do you have in kickstarter?
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