More reasons to get started with Google Optimize
by Rotimi Iziduh, Product Manager, Google Optimize
March 2, 2018

With Google Optimize, we want to empower any sized business – big or small – to take steps to make their sites better. Since releasing Optimize last year, we’ve been able to help many businesses identify and provide better site experiences experiences to their users – for free. Today, we’re pleased to announce two new initiatives that will help businesses take even bigger steps when improving their sites....

New “Getting started with Google Optimize” video series
For many, running website tests may appear to be a daunting task. To make things easier, for anyone completely new to testing or recently started using Optimize, we’ve created a “Getting started with Google Optimize” video series. This will help you start testing in no time. Plus, you can watch the entire series in less than 15 minutes!

Optimize Overview: Quick primer on what Optimize is and how it can help you

Set up your account: Shows you how to link to Google Analytics and get your site ready to run tests

Create your first experiment: Use the Optimize editor to change your site without writing any code

Understanding your results: See how Optimize clearly tells you which changes worked best

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