Google: No such thing as an Authority Signal


Nov 10, 2016
Google’s John Mueller on a Webmaster Hangouts answered a question about "Page Authority or Site Authority".

The idea behind this is that certain websites contain “authority” and that by creating links on such sites your site could obtain some of this “authority” from those sites and imp[rove its ranking.

The problem with this strategy is that there is no “authority” signal. There is no such thing.

A page with inbound links relevant for Topic A, will make that page relevant for Topic A. But if your page is about Topic Z, that link is probably not going to be useful to you in terms obtaining a ranking benefit.

A web page does not inherit authority, it only inherits links and those links only matter when they are also relevant.
The concept of "authority" was invented by SEO businesses as a way of explaining how Google ranks pages but it was always an invented concept. Google has denied that it means anything more than once in the past.

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