Google: How to Get New Content Indexed Fast
Search Engine Journal
March 7, 2018

The URL Submit Tool is a convenient way for publishers to be certain that new content is indexed. But it’s not necessary.

Here’s what Google’s John Mueller said:

“In general for most websites you shouldn’t need to use this tool at all.

…There should be no need for you as a normal webmaster to submit any individual URLs for kind of the normal day to day sites, like through the search console through the submit URL tool.”

It’s Probably Your Fault if Content is Not Indexed
John Mueller addressed the common situation of Google not picking up content as fast as a publisher wants it. He blamed the publishers for this issue. In other words, if Google is not indexing your content, it’s not Google’s fault. It’s the publishers fault if content is not being indexed and the publisher needs to diagnose the reason why it’s not being indexed.

John Mueller offered these suggestions for identifying what may be causing Google to not index content and offered solutions for making sure Google indexes it:

“If you’re seeing that we’re not picking up new content as quickly as we could I would make sure that you’re linking to it from a visible place on your website and also maybe putting it in maybe a site map file or RSS feed or anything like that.”

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