1. Portable Coffee Maker - Perfect for the entrepreneur who can’t do anything without a little caffeine boost. The simple design makes this on-the-go coffee maker an easy gift choice. Did we mention it’s perfect for K-CUPS or filtered coffee and is also a cup?
  2. Blend Jet 2 - If your entrepreneur is more into smoothies or protein shakes or just likes to hit the gym during their workday, gift them an on-the-go blender. It’s portable, powerful, USB-rechargeable, and self-cleaning.
  3. Power Bank - All entrepreneurs know the feeling of seeing red or a dead battery on their device and scrambling through their stuff to find out that there isn’t an outlet for a plug anywhere in sight. Spare them the heartache and look into giving them a handy power bank.
  4. Positivity Jar - Entrepreneurs go through many emotions throughout the day, and bad days just hit a little harder sometimes. Give the gift of encouragement with a positivity jar filled with daily prompts that they can fill out and store inside to remind themselves why they started. Know more....
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