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Getting Your Marketing Message Seen

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Nov 10, 2016
Getting Your Marketing Message Seen
by Glenn Muske, Small Biz Survival
December 13, 2017

Every 60 seconds,
  • 347,000 tweets are shared.
  • 510,000 Facebook comments are made.
  • 5,100 Instagram photos are liked.
  • 48 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube.
Now add information we get from other online information sources such as email, blogs and websites.... print, radio and television... billboards, business signs, networking events, etc. etc.

And you want your small-business marketing message to be noticed. Is this realistic? Don’t despair. It certainly is possible. Just remember:
  1. Marketing is not a “one and done” effort. You need to keep your name in front of the audience. Research shows that our memory is short. After a month, we can recall only about 25% of the messages we saw.
  2. Target your message. Know who would be the best market for your good or service and target that demographic. This means using the media and words that will attract potential customers
  3. Make your message clear. Get people to do something – read more, click here, check us out, stop in, or buy are just some options.
  4. Brand, brand, brand – From the promises you make to the colors and fonts you use to the experience people have, all of these are part of your brand. All must be consistent and repeated over and over.
And don’t forget that as a small-business owner, you are a significant part of your brand. You represent the company in what you do and say. Networking is crucial. Your personal message and actions are as much a part of the company as are the rest of your marketing efforts.


Aug 17, 2017
good information! I like the blog site too and got it bookmarked. Surprised my bookmark hasn't exploded yet, lol. Many, many sites to visit and read :)

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