Google's Mobile First Index is not expected top go live until some time next year (2018).

But that doesn't mean you should wait until 2018 to make sure your site conforms to the mobile search criteria.

Prepare now and you'll get the "ready now" bonus when Google starts crawling sites for inclusion in the new index.

Google Will Roll Out Mobile-First Index to Individual Sites That Are Ready
by Matt Southern, Search Engine Journal
July 3, 2017

When Google rolls out its mobile-first index, it will begin by indexing individual sites that are ready for it.

This was confirmed by John Mueller in a recent Google Webmaster Central office-hours hangout. Mueller went on to say sites may or may not be informed the mobile-first switch has changed for them. This presents a challenge when it comes to tracking analytics and ranking positions.

On the positive side, with Google rolling out the mobile-first index on a per-site basis, those that are prepared have a good chance of being indexed before others. Those that aren’t ready for the mobile-first switch will have to wait a bit longer to be indexed, Mueller says.
This can be seen a positive thing for both searchers and site owners. Searchers will see only the most mobile-friendly sites, as intended, while site owners who have put in work preparing for the mobile-first index will be rewarded with priority indexing.


Check here if to see your site is mobile-friendly.


Oh, dear! I don't speak website back-end, little of what G wants is comprehended by me. :( Time to call a pro, I guess.
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