Hello All,

So I have an accounting firm that focuses on Outsource CFO work for small to mid-size companies. I have a unique approach in that I work directly with the business owners to help guide and train them to better understand their financials.

In addition to this, I also track and fix issues with cash flow, profitability, cost management, break-even, budgets/forecasts, and so on. I am the only firm in St. Louis with a 5 star google rating, a strong reputation with the banks (40 banks throughout the Midwest), and I have turned around over twenty distress companies in the last four years.

In short, my reputation and skills are unmatched in these areas. If you watch Marcus Lemonis, I do the same thing - except I was doing it before he was (haha - that's my story and I'm sticking to it).

Here's my problem:

So far, the majority of my work has been reactionary. A company has to get itself into trouble before it's willing to call me up for help. A bank has to perceived you have trouble before calling me up. I would love to find a way to get in front of the problem and head it off before it starts.

Sometimes, it's a matter of months or even days that makes a difference between "can" and "might" be saved. I would love to find a way to talk to banks before they do a loan that is too small or meet a twelve year old company that is now needing help with their profit margins.

What I've been doing:

Thus far, I have been networking a lot with bankers and lenders. I also connected with quite a few M&A companies to look at the businesses they have for sale.

I write monthly blogs and attend happy hours.

Any advice you guys might have would be great. I'm not sure what I'm missing. Thanks!
I have a unique approach in that I work directly with the business owners to help guide and train them to better understand their financials.

Perhaps you could begin to emphasize that by better understanding their financial needs and resources, they'll be able to avoid related issues in the future. I know that here in Phoenix, plenty of people in your field offer local crash courses and workshops on financial preparedness in business. They're either free or low-cost, but then attendees have the option to work with the "instructor" one-on-one to improve their businesses' financials.

Maybe you could arrange a similar workshop in your community to raise awareness on financial preparedness in business and show people how valuable your services are before the storm, not after.
Hmmm...not a bad idea Josaphine! I use to offer courses (3 or so years back), but most business owners weren't interested in attending. It's partly because I'm a very technical lecturer. I think I've seasoned a little bit - by seasoning, I mean I no longer lecture with a pipe in my mouth and use a gruffy British accent (haha joking).

Thanks for the great idea! Now I just have to find a way to get these workshops out. =)
Right off the bat, I was thinking maybe getting your info into the accounting departments so that when issues arise they know who to call.

I'm an internet marketer and I've had success in the past directly asking marketing departments to put me down as a resource.. offer an exclusive deal to have them put me on top of that list.. for future reference.. when issues come up with their online marketing.

I don't know how well that would work with what you have going on.. but I've found that by giving an employee within a marketing department the opportunity to shine.. by handing the issues over to me.. I'm more likely to earn the opportunity of fixing their issue.

Maybe instead of talking directly to the main decision makers (I know how that sounds).. you might get better results by giving an employee of the decision maker a chance to prove themselves. Plus point, the good employee is always hungry to exceed expectations.

That may be a step down from what you've accomplished already.. but that's the first idea that popped in my head after reading your post.

Hope I helped!


Dude... SEO can be tricky for someone who is starting out, and you don`t sell anything if you don`t solve peoples problems because that`s is what an entrepreneur does.
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