Free Webinar: Instagram 101 For Local Businesses
June 26, 2018


In this Local Marketing Institute Office Hours, Instagram Expert Talia Koren will break down the fundamentals of what local businesses should (and shouldn't) focus on to grow their accounts and build brand awareness. You'll learn which businesses actually belong on Instagram, about how hashtags really work and how to organically drive word of mouth marketing on the platform. Talia will also share specific examples of local businesses that are doing it right (as well as ones that aren't). After this webinar, you'll know the next steps to take to drive brand awareness and generate leads on Instagram.

Talia Koren is a Colorado-based Instagram Expert who helps companies organically grow their accounts, connect with influencers and generate leads through the platform. When she's not teaching her clients about the science and art of hashtags, she's cooking and creating content for her food blog, Workweek Lunch, which has 129,000 followers on Instagram.

This webinar will take place on Friday at 3PM Eastern.

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