Tips to successfully navigate today’s privacy environment: Playbooks to guide you through the privacy landscape
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August 2020

Growing user concerns about privacy have set in motion a series of changes that will reshape the digital advertising industry for years to come. But marketers and publishers can turn these changes and challenges into opportunities. By testing more privacy-forward strategies and evolving their practices, marketers can accomplish their advertising goals and publishers can grow ad revenue while respecting people’s preferences for privacy.

Marketers, for example, need to be flexible with how they market and measure results. It will be important to identify options to engage their audience when personalization is limited, and they’ll have to rely on different methods to report on campaign performance when conversion tracking is constrained. Publishers, on the other hand, will have to use their data to segment audiences and monetize effectively across both ads and other revenue-generating solutions.

The first step for both marketers and publishers is to build direct relationships with users by offering value in exchange for data. Then, develop clear privacy policies that put users in control. But how? And what comes next?

To help guide the industry through today’s privacy landscape, we put together two playbooks, one specifically for marketers and one for publishers.

Download the Marketer’s Playbook for Privacy (PDF)

Download the Publisher’s Playbook for Privacy (PDF)


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