Hi all,
I'm offering 3 members free strategic financial planning in exchange for feedback.
The software is designed to simplify and deliver real-time financial information to sales leaders.

I've worked in financial planning for 14 years (Macy's & Coach) and most recently I was a sales controller (2 international art galleries). I noticed the sales teams set goals that weren't in line with finance, thus they suffered from cash-flow and costs overrun issues. I decided to combine both knowledge to create a real-time visual strategic finance for the sales team. Both teams saw major boost in productivity (25%+ rev. growth), fewer cash-flow crisis, and financial discipline. Now I feel it's time to help other sales teams.

My goal is to find out how I could use my software and experience to make strategic financial planning affordable for small businesses. I want to get as much feedback from users so I can justify raising money to develop a product ready to help more businesses.

You'll get solid strategic financial plans, bookkeeper to post transactions daily, Rulr software to monitor plans, and financial statements for investors or banks. Essentially, you'd be delegating your financial management to me, which would allow you to focus on your clients and sales.

In exchange I want feedback and ideas for improvement.

Please see link for more information on the software.
Rulr - Automated FP&A (1).pdf


Message me if you are interested and include the information below:

Years in operation:
# of employees:
Accounting system:
Financial goal: growth, reduce debt, build cash reserve, exit?

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