Are you in business or trying to start one but need to raise capital to expand or get started? Well, I will share some common ways to try to do so and some ways that are most effective but are used by 99% of Non-Profit organizations. For-Profit organizations can use these ways as well.

Common For Profit Fundraising:

Business Loans - You will need to have a business bank account with your bank and have some funding to show you will be able to pay back the loan along with an excellent credit
score/history and track record.

For example, you may get a business loan from Capital One Bank

Investors - These can by big organizations or private investors. They will give you the needed funding after you show your business model/plan and they think that you will be able to make money and pay back their investment but with interest. Investors are another type of loan. However, it is high risk on investors as if you do not make money they do not either since typically they will own a small percent of the business and profit/loss from it.

For example, search for one at Funding Circle Limited or create an account at and investors will find you.

Partnerships - Instead of a loan, this is similar to an investor but typically the difference is both of you split costs and profits evenly between the two or more partnerships involved. This can be done with friends, family, co-workers/ex-coworkers, etc. or you can use online services to find partnerships (AKA business partner(s)).

For example, a service you may use a Business-To-Business (B2B) matching platform like Powerlinx, Inc. or RawTale Pte Ltd.

Common Not For Profit Fundraising (Not traditionally used for profit but can):

Crowdfunding - This is a practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.

For example, you may use GoFundMe for your for profit, not for profit and even personal fundraising like to pay your electric bill, etc.

Advertising/Sponsorships - Although, this you would see typically for non-profits, if you have a way to offer advertising and sponsorships for your organization that is for profit then go at it.

For example, advertising is more common such as forum like the FixForums. However, sponsorships have been successful as well with organizations that actually host in person events like the Affiliate Summit Corporation and other similar and none similar events/meet-ups.

Peer-to-peer fundraising - For those whom have not heard of this new concept, it was an idea thought of in the not for profit sector but there is no reason why for profit organizations can raise the capital that way as well.

What is Peer-to-Peer Fundraising?

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a a multi-tiered approach to crowdfunding. This means individuals can create personal fundraising pages for your cause’s behalf. This can feed revenue back to your organization as a whole, or to a specific campaign you’re running. Either way, the individual shares his or her page with friends, family and community members for donations (hence “peer-to-peer”).

For example, you can start a Peer-to-peer fundraiser with Classy and can see a live campaign by Clicking Here. Another way to raise money for live events (other than advertising and sponsorships would be to sell tickets to events which Classy can help with as well (as long as your using a upgraded paying account, free ones do not offer this). Learn more by visiting this live ticket sale by Clicking Here.

Do you find this helpful or have any questions? Ask them by leaving a comment below. Also, if you have anymore information to share on this topic then also feel free to share those ideas below.

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