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All of us have the need to step back and become extremely objective about any business we operate. As a leader, for those we partner with, for those we hire, for those we train, motivate, delegate to, and whose work we inspect and report on, we must always visit a moment where we completely identify our impact on them when making choices for growth and improvements. You see, the growth and improvements begin with us in order for them to properly propagate to everyone else.

Here are five importants personal improvements to address when embracing the moment we as leaders step back to engage our objectivity for the purpose of company growth.

  1. Eliminate Self Defeating And Limiting Beliefs
  2. Turn Around Your Envy Of Others Success
  3. Update With Improvement All Company And Personal Strategies
  4. Strengthen Your Company And Personal Organizational Practices
  5. Bring Everyone, Including Yourself, Current With The Company's Business Inadequacies
With every move towards growth, one must make these improvements.


Awesome post, point number "2" was something I struggled with quite a bit a while ago. But now I seek inspiration in others' successes, it's a much better perspective. :)

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