Greetings Mr. Ghadimi. I've recently moved to become a full-time entrepreneur (whereas previously I was going at it half-heartedly), and I have a question. When I think of the word "entrepreneur", I sometimes wonder whether it is the person and their skills/experiences, or whether it is pure luck, that allows them to be successful. Having skills/experiences are definitely important - it enables you to take full advantage for when opportunities come your way. But how much of that is true, when there are folks all around, some with significantly more skills and abilities, better marketing, better solutions, and so on... failing compared to folks with mediocre implementations/skills?

What's your take on that? How would you minimize the effects of luck? Thank you.
Entrepreneurship has no relevance to luck or skill. Entrepreneurship is about creating innovation and advancing how others think. In order to do that, we have to create enough momentum that those following us will want to take direction from us. That may require skills or talent but it isnt mandatory, what will be is the drive, dedication and motivation to figure it out if you dont know what you need to know. Its to break walls when others fall back and its mainly about creating momentum forward.
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