We can all relate to those periods in business where work seems to drag, you cannot think of new ideas to help your business grow, and you never seem to get a break. What we often do not realize we are missing is sleep. In order for our body to recharge, we need to sleep. The same applies to our brains. If you are feeling sluggish, your brain probably needs a refresher. According to recent Time article,
The key to the brain’s ability to make such good use of downtime is something it shares with your computer: the capacity to run multiple programs at once.
This article goes in-depth into the process our brains go through to help us perform tasks better. Some students were quizzed before and after napping, while others were quizzed while attached to fMRI machines.

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In your life and your business, have you found yourself performing better at work after taking a brain vacation or sleeping on a problem?


Great article, Jessica. Walking away from a problem and/or getting some sleep does help to unjumble the brain when you're stuck with everything bouncing off the inside walls of your brain. More than once, I've found that after a break or after even a couple of hours sleep the solution will hit me, even though I'm not actively thinking about it. I call it background processing. :)
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