Apr 8, 2022
I run a successful automotive repair facility with a near perfect customer service rating. While I have a nice (empty at the moment) showroom, I am looking to provide retail products to our customers. I only want to choose products that I believe are of quality and trust to use myself. My biggest problem is manufacturers these days. I emailed many who have products that I use and trust and not a single one ever answers. I guess because I'm not a huge company like Walmart they simply don't care to talk to me.

The products I want to carry are automotive related, where or how can I find distributors to service a smaller company?

I'm really frustrated with many companies! I push products of quality and while I am doing that they won't even answer an email or a phone call. I am starting to rethink which products I push and may need to make some changes. I mean why should I push a product for a company that won't provide me any support?

I've contacted companies just asking for a local distributor and can't even get that answered.

I'm looking for a distributor of automotive retail products as an additional revenue stream. I am located in Delaware.

Any advice or assistance is greatly appreciated.


May 19, 2022
Yeah, wow what an incredible challenge! One thing you've identified is...emails and phone calls don't work. They could just be very busy and unable to get back to you quickly. OR, they might not in fact work with smaller companies. But first thing I'd do is do some research online, talk to people who use them and find out if they serve the smaller companies like yourself. If they do, then your job now is to find another route to your target. Forget phone and email. Find out who is the decision maker for your type of store. There are many, many ways to create an alternative route to get a response but that completely depends on who you're trying to get in touch with. If you believe in the products that much, and you can satisfy the amount of inventory they want/need you to buy, you wil most certainly get a yes, but you have to be creative, and persistent.
When you find out who the decision maker is, learn all you can about them because that will help you find an interest or belief you can connect to with them in order to get them to respond. But, you gotta figure out what that is first. If you would like some help with this just let me know. Happy to help out.
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