Find your purpose and outsource the rest
by Clayton Johnson, GoDaddy: The Garage
January 16, 2019

Part of running a company is figuring out what needs to be done, by you, and then what should be handled by others. Founders are notoriously unwilling to let other people have important responsibilities. But to expand, you need to find your purpose and then delegate.... If you want your company to succeed, you need to find your purpose and be willing to outsource the rest to employees, contractors or other companies that are more specialized....

Once you’ve identified some of the tasks that you are both interested in and competent at, you must decide what your purpose is.... it’s really about figuring out where you provide the most value. You might be interested in writing code for the websites that your company builds — and you’re probably pretty good at it, but that’s unlikely to be your purpose. Why? It’s doubtful that writing code is where you can bring the most value to your company. Instead, your purpose should be a role which you are a world leader, something you can do better than anybody else in your company.

Plenty of founders are unwilling to outsource because they don’t want to lose control over their company. The truth is, every successful founder has to give up some amount of power. Otherwise, they will be unable to grow. The reason why you should outsource is simple: you aren’t the best at everything. There are other people out there who can perform tasks more efficiently than you, and your goal as a business owner should be to hire those people. Not only will this allow you to create a better product or service, but it also frees up your time so you can provide value in the areas where you find your purpose.



djbaxter, perfectly said. I agree that you should concentrate on the purpose of your company, and your job really is to manage the people you outsource to so they create value that is in line with your purpose/vision etc.. I guess in a sense its macro-managing. Can you develop the purpose? Can you build the team? Can you lead that team? Can you develop the systems?
My thought is that when people start out by creating the output for their company they do so on slim margins, and the thought of outsourcing that output will eat into their bottom line which deters them from doing it.
This is downright true. Every successful entrepreneur who owns large businesses never made it by their own might. They sought the help of other people in order to get there. They duplicated themselves by hiring other people, by outsourcing. 24 hours of their day were multiplied many times over in order to get to where they are now. You will gain profit upon profit when you outsource your work to other people. But of course with the right direction and leading. That's the reason why Onlinejobs was created. Helping other people succeed in their businesses is what fueled the owners to open up the site for other employers.
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I totally agree with outsourcing because you need to keep your costs down on operation. I come from chat background and provide 24x7 live chat agents to websites so that they can be never unstaffed but you have to keep in mind that you are working for someone else's website and you need to keep every precaution so that their reputation cannot be harmed and meet the SLA o that customer gets an instant reply and working 24x7 350+ days that would be a harder task for an in-house team because they have to manage shifts and pays but when you go for outsourcing all these problems are gone. Outsourcing is not so bad or cursed thing that you do but if you do not perform with in-house team that is the surely baddest thing you do to your company. So always go for optimized solutions & that is probably outsourcing 92% of times.
So I think that outsourcing rocks but I am open to all of your opinion do let me know what you all think.
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