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Find Business Partner To Grow & Expand With

Discussion in 'Planning Your Business' started by TedGunnarsson, Oct 30, 2015.

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  1. TedGunnarsson

    TedGunnarsson Member

    My name is Ted, and my vision is to inspire and help people achieve
    what truly matters to them.
    I do that through personal development.

    I'm looking for one or two business partners that have the same vision to inspire & help people as me. But also have the skills I'm lacking in.
    Where can I find people that would want to work together and start up a business together?
    I don't have a network with people like that at the moment.

    The area I'm most passionate about is vision, leading, building a team
    This skills are not enuff to start a company, I'm looking for a "doer" that's very good with make things happen.

    We are going to put a puzzle together.
    I'm the person that hold up the picture of the puzzle and guiding and inspire people to keep look at the end goal. That's not enuff, we need someone great "doer" who actually make it happen (the most important part of all).
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