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FBA Shipping and order fufillment

Discussion in 'Starting Your Business' started by Tduino, Aug 7, 2016.

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  1. Tduino

    Tduino Member

    Anyone use fulfillment by amazon before? I'm still ways off with my project but I figured I would get everything sorted out ahead of time. If I ship them my items along with some usb cables can they package the two together for a decent price? I was also looking into shipwire as well but recent reviews made me change my mind. Any other order fulfillment services?
  2. FrankFKA

    FrankFKA Member

    What exactly are you looking for? Do you ship to Amazon-only or do you sell across other mediums?
    FBA is fairly reputable and their network is vast enough.
    I believe you can make item bundles with your items on Amazon. But if you want them to be shipped together all the time, why not package them together?
  3. Dr. Cash

    Dr. Cash Member

    The problem with FBA is that the fees are too high to make considerable profits. My advice would be to check out other companies that can hold your products for cheaper, there are a ton. But, if you're ordering products over seas and selling in the U.S, communicate with the supplier you are purchasing from and try and strike a deal to have them directly ship the products to whoever buys from you. Good Luck!
  4. Jessica Danes

    Jessica Danes MVP Member

    @Tduino, although I have never sold any products on Amazon, I know it's my go-to online shopping site. It is a name your customers will recognize and respect. I also trust a listing more if it is fulfilled by Amazon; it's more legit in my mind.

    With fulfillment by Amazon, your product is also qualified for Prime benefits, which also wins out more for customers. And although I cannot find the fees on their info site, you're not charged extra to be a part of the Prime shipping. You're even able to use Amazon fulfillment services with 3rd party relators (i.e. Shopify). Another company you can check out is Shipwire, but it seems to me they don't ship FOR you, but instead help you manage the order and create the shipping labels.

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