Facebook Pages' Declining Reach and How Your Business Can Cope with the Challenge
by Sheena Mariz Torno, LinkedIn
July 6, 2018
Every 60 seconds on Facebook: 510,000 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated, and 136,000 photos are uploaded. With this amount of information, how can you stand out? With tons of marketing techniques, strategies and gimmicks, how can you make people notice your brand?

I will give you the three basic but important ways of how you can make the best out of Facebook:

1. Post only high-quality contents. Don't choose rubbish, attention seeking but no substance content, you should go for quality. Every single time.

2. Ads. The statistics have shown how it's just impossible to reach your target people. Why? Because Facebook is optimizing every post to a create a tolerable and balanced news feed to its users. If you're on Facebook, you gotta be okay with knowing that it's a pay to play platform. Paying for Facebook ads will give you more exposure, plus you will be able to target your desired audience and get measurable results. And don't get me wrong, Facebook is still one of the cheapest yet effective form of advertisement for your business.

3. Engage to the next level. The more you engage with your people, the more they will feel connected. But don't limit your engagement to your fans or members, be active on related Facebook groups. Facebook groups are mini-communities, you just have to find the right ones where you can discuss ideas with and develop relationships with. Who knows who can connect you with the right clients. Facebook Lives has also shown 60% more engagement than any other content. So if you're especially building your personal brand, start clicking that Live button and connect with your audience. If you have a company brand, show what's happening behind the scenes and let your audience know what to look forward to.

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