4 New Features in Facebook Messenger​

1. Send & Receive Cash Gifts​

Facebook users in the US can now receive cash gifts directly through Messenger.

2. Group Chat Poll Games​

Facebook is bringing poll games to Messenger as a way for friends to stay entertained in group chats.

3. Birthday Expression Tools​

Given that this update is released on Messenger’s birthday, Facebook is adding many birthday-themed tools to the app.

Messenger’s new birthday chat theme, for example, comes with a specially curated sticker pack.

Other such tools include:

  • A birthday balloon 360 background
  • Birthday AR effect
  • Birthday song Soundmoji
  • Confetti message effect


4. New Way to Share Contacts​

Facebook users can now share their contacts directly to their friends, which sounds like a perfect feature for networking events.

You can read the full story here: Facebook Messenger Turns 10, Adds 4 New Features

I'm really looking forward to the birthday expressions tools. It'll make my group chats look more festive! Which new feature are you most excited about?
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