@Zac Johnson, my question for you is, how do you find and approach top affiliate marketers into having them promoting campaigns on my Affiliate Network & if you know anything about Get Paid To (GPT) incentive site, can you think of ways to gain more members who are going to be very active?

Zac Johnson

The affiliate network space has become so saturated that it really comes down to creating personal relationships. To make these relationships work, you will need to offer what other networks aren't -- such as prepayment towards a campaign, running paid placement campaigns to get more exposure and being active in forums or through direct contact with affiliates to get them more successful.

Another good method is to provide case studies and tutorials of how affiliates can run private offers on your network. Basically showing them what keywords to go after, the landing pages that perform best and the traffic sources which are working.

It's an uphill climb for newer affiliate networks, as they need to build trust and relationships -- where many affiliates already have working network relationships in place. In short, you need to prove why your network is better than what is currently out there.
We are in talks with a really large MLM company who are looking to increase their downline - which we are absolutely able to do via social media. Is this the same sort of thing? If it is then I might have something that will set you apart from others in your industry. Drop me an email and I would be more than happy to discuss. If I have the wrong end of the stick then please ignore :)
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