Enhancing Facebook Marketing with a Chatbot


Nov 10, 2016
The latest thing: Has anyone tried a Facebook Chatbot yet for marketing their business? Is this something you think my be helpful for your business?

How to create and use a Facebook chatbot for your business
by Derric Haynie, The Garage by GoDaddy
July 17, 2017

Why would you need Facebook Chatbot?
If you’re getting at least two to three messages a day on a consistent basis (maybe you’re running a lot of Facebook ads) and you keep getting the same questions over and over, a Facebook chatbot is a great idea. Frequent, repetitive messaging is the number one reason to invest in a chatbot, but here are a few others:
  • Revenue. It’s possible to earn more income and sell a product through an eCommerce site with the help of a Facebook chatbot.
  • Leads. You can collect email leads and integrate them into your CRM through a chatbot. This might even be cheaper than using Facebook Lead Ads (still testing this, and it depends on the situation).
  • Mobile marketing. Using a chatbot allows you to send broadcast emails to everyone that has messaged your page or commented on a post. Yes, you can now send them a Facebook message, which, for most people, will typically ping their phone and result in a higher open rate. Basically, this is the new email.
  • Customer service and support. You’ve got people looking for answers on Facebook and you need to provide them in a timely fashion — or else. Facebook Messenger bots make this easy.
  • Interactive branded experiences. You can use a chatbot to tell a story, play a game or give a discount/coupon code. Why would you want to do this? Because it helps strengthen your brand’s relationship with your customer (also, see above — you can send them messages straight to their phone!).
Take a look at what Facebook says about Messenger bots and where it sees this massive platform going in the next five years.