Have you ever wanted to work from your home computer 100% of the time? Well, with technology at where it is today, you can. There are a good amount of jobs that hire remotely and new online businesses are starting daily. However, with the unemployment rate getting worse (results were changed by the federal government) & businesses continue to not make it, there is a lot of people who are trying to find online jobs. This is because the traditional way of commuting limits you to work local. Sadly, finding work online is very competitive with the amount of people turning to online work.

Although, employment is not guaranteed, I can tell you somethings you can do to get help with your job searching. This is anywhere from teaching to billing and coding.

Lets start with teaching, shall we? So, I am aware that there is teaching for all subjects. However, I only have taught and have experience in teaching Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) but can be used interchangeable with Teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL). Those two abbreviations are basically the same thing. Some places have just English, while others have a variety of subjects to teach. Usually, you have to be certified for any of the subjects. I can only speak for English though!

I would recommend getting a certification in teaching TEFL/TESOL. This is a training that is usually done online from home. They have different hours so it depends on the employee on how many hours of training is needed. The least is 40 hours and the most (that I know of) is 120-hours. I personally have 60-hours and it seems to be enough so far.

I currently am not teaching but I can with my 60-hour TEFL course I have. If anyone here is interested in becoming certified then I would recommend that you Click Here and you will get a 15% discount off any what the cost shows for each course. This type of training is not free and does not accept financial aide. However, they will help you find a job when certified!

My next certification I am interested in is billing and coding. Although, I am not certified, it is another job that can be done from home. In case you are not aware, medical billing and coding can land you an online job for a doctors office, hospital, nursing home, and even some home care. I do not have any experience, however, I did some research and found a great place to get certified online like what I talked about above. You can get certified by completing all the work that is needed for you to be certified. Although, the teaching certification did not take nearly as long, billing and coding will take a minimum of 4 months to complete but they give you a full year. You can choose for them to ship you all the work needed and you ship back after doing it all with paper and pen or you can do it online in your student portal. I prefer doing it online myself, but choose is yours. Again, this certification does not accept financial aids either but they guarantee that if you are trying to find a job, and are not successful in 6 months after certified then they refund your tuition in full. TO learn about this promise Click Here. See the course outline by Clicking here & to learn more Click Here or to learn more call them 866-250-6851. To get started/enroll today online visit the enrollment page by Clicking Here or call at the number above.

Both programs are Fully Accredited!

Good Luck:)


I have already tried applying as an Online English Instructor for some companies that offer such position. However, they are pretty strict with all the requirements, specially the physical ones such as a quality and working headphones, built-in webcam, etc. But yeah, online tutoring is one of the most profitable work-at-home opportunities nowadays.
I have worked with only two of them ever. One of them really did not have much business and closed. The other one was consistently busy but laid me off because my ratings from students who barely speak to rate me/write a review. I seen them, I seen someone give me a 1 ones but said I was the best teacher he ever had. Obviously, they do not understand the system we use.

You are correct, they are very strict. If you @dynamarie25, want to teach online but without warrying about being hired and just teach like it is your own business then I found a great place for you. So people ask questions and you would go through and tutor them. You get paid via PayPal at Homework Market.


I think when your working for a site that goes off reputation points, it can always be risky as your not going to get in well with everyone that you work for. If they ask for a job to be done, and you satisfy their criteria, you rating should be solely based on that but a lot of the time you'll be marked down for something you do that isn't associated with the job.


I've just taken a look at the site William quoted and it's absolutely astonishing! Students are not asking for tutoring or teaching but for their homework to be done for them! And it seems to be doing good business too.

It certainly provides an alternative view on the 'is education a scam?' question in another thread on this forum!
Yep, that is how it seems tutoring is turning out to be unless it is with a big company that is hard to get hired by and to keep your job after probation period due to ratings/reviews. There must be another site just for tutoring instead of cheating. However, these sites of doing your homework for you are the most popular and their are many of them. Search in Google and you will find many of them.

There are even sites that sell you an common homework project/assignment/etc. for that class and you can pass just by paying for it. Money really does talk!

Got to love technology


I was also under the impression that the site was more of a tool to help people with their studies, rather than a place were people actually did it for them but I guess I was wrong aswell!

I know money is money at the end of the day but I'm not sure I'd be comfortable knowing that I was helping people to cheat...maybe that's just me though?
I first want to mention that this thread I made a week from today. Anyways, tutoring is becoming less tutoring and more just doing the work for the client/student. It is not the way it should be but that is the way it is going. I too do not like it myself.


Great tips! There are a ton of good jobs online. You just have to apply what you're good at and what you'd enjoy doing, and find a job that suits you.
Yes, there are a whole lot of good jobs online but also even more scams out there. If applying for a legit job, it is really REALLY hard to get an position because of the amount of people looking for employment online. Believe it or not, there is not even enough employment online either!

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