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Part of leading, whether it’s a staff of one or a hundred, requires us to demonstrate that everything matters and we do this with every task no matter the size. We inspire those we lead when we embrace an appropriate sense of urgency for the tasks we set out for ourselves as well as those to whom delegate tasks.

Here is a set of personal leadership recommendations I have incorporated for over forty years. Make them apart of your companies’ culture.

· In order for everyone to embrace the culture that everything matters, encourage them to understand how the work they do and the contributions they make influences’ and effects everyone else in the company.

· As you work with your staff, employees, or outsourced entities, be sure to reinforce frequently the need to work your plan, your companies plan. Make it a cultural embodiment that following the plan is what makes the future bright and fulfilling through the implementation of the plan.

· Always demonstrate appreciation and embed this practice within every rank of those on the team. Following this practice, demonstrating this practice, and embedding this practice results in happiness. When a person and/or a team receives regular appreciation for all they do then they will feel happy. Happiness results in higher achievements for both the person, the team, and most certainly for the company!

· Teamwork is at the core of every successful business, no exceptions. You must encourage and embed the meaning of team work, the essence of teamwork in the culture of your business, your company. Teams go all the way when bound to one another in this manner. They understand and support the team structure and the strengths that result from it. They will hold one another accountable and they will acknowledge one another’s achievements for strengthening the team.

· Remember to reinforce the “Can Do” mindset in some way every time you encounter a team member and/or the team. They all know the importance of what they do, but sometimes it is important to remind them of why they do what they do as well as refreshers in how to do what they do. We are their leaders, we must be the backbone of reinforcing them as individuals and as teams. Influencing their “Can Do” mindsets regularly helps them get through stressful moments and through their challenges and struggles.


Thanks TJ! Your words have come a long way to be this solid…40 years like you say! They are seasoned, they have been proven and tried. I liked the fact that you identified the “can do” spirit as a vital component a leaders is supposed to cast on his/her followership. You see within a team, there are real players and would-be real players who masquerade behind the industrious crowd. When a leader comes out hard and vocal about what the team can do and what it should be doing with quality emphasis, they can mold with time to move with the rest of the pack. You are very right about the can do spirit. It sounds like an awakening to the sleeping giant who hasn’t realized his full potential yet but is busy sleeping in the shadows. Thanks again TJ.


I like and agree with this list. I know that personally if I don't feel appreciated and I don't understand why I'm doing something I will not do it or I will do it with an attitude and that is not something pretty to look at. Then eventually I will quit. Under appreciation is a big reason why I left a few jobs. So I know that these are skills that every great leader needs to have.

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