Email Marketing vs. SMS Marketing in 2018


Nov 10, 2016
The Effectiveness of Email Marketing Versus SMS Marketing
by Andrew McDermott,
August 21, 2018
In 2007 Slate predicted the death of email. Then in 2010, Sheryl Sandberg predicted the death of email. Over the years, several experts have predicted the death of email. SMS has been touted as the next big thing. There's just one problem. The experts were wrong about the death of email. It isn't dying so much as it's changing. The way we use email, it's maturing. As new patterns and technology emerges, email is becoming focused, more niche.

Does this mean email is dying? Not at all. Research from Statista shows it's actually the opposite. Email usage continues to grow!
What's more surprising about all of this is the fact that consumers actually want email from brands. Almost two thirds of consumers, 61 percent, prefer to receive offers via email.
What about SMS? The research on SMS shows some amazing results. It's a rapidly growing channel with a promising future for marketers but, what does the evidence say?
  • The Pew research center found 91 percent of Americans owned a mobile phone
  • 72 percent of Americans own a smartphone
  • 98 percent of mobile users will read a branded or business based SMS message
  • 90 percent of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes!
  • Response rates are as high as 45 to 98 percent (compared to email's 2 to 20 percent)
SMS: The hidden problem
Approx. 269 billion emails were sent and received each day in 2017. That number is expected to climb to 333 billion emails in 2022. Only 18.7 billion texts are sent worldwide every day, not including app-to-app messaging. What's worse, consumer adoption is surprisingly low. Only 54 percent of consumers have opted in to receive SMS messages from brands or businesses.

Leigh Steele

Aug 1, 2018
It's so fascinating to witness the trends in technology and how they are changing the landscape of business (or not). Thanks for sharing!

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