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It depends on what kind of business you plan to run. The old online marketing saying goes: Money is in the list.
To be perfectly honest with you, if your plan is to wholesale children articles than it is not a priority (although build one nonetheless!). But if you plan to build a stable, long-term relationship with your audience - you definitely need to have a list.

There is nothing simpler and faster than quick broadcast to your email list informing them of new things going on in your company etc.

I would suggest using Aweber to do so as it has many useful function like building your LCP's and so on. It is also relatively cheap. Message me if you'd like some more info on how to set it up :)

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Hey Marek!

Thank you for your advice on the subject, it is really helpful with what im making.

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If I really love a business, I sign up for their email list. It keeps me up to date and reminds me the business is there. I like to think of it as another way to advertise and reach out to customers, or "the original social media."

If you have a website, there are a lot of plug-ins offered to help you create a email list. One I love is SumoMe. It's simple and customizable down to the timing of the user clicking around the site. Also as a bonus, I'm more likely to visit and shop on a sight that offers me a discount on my first purchase.

What kind of business are you looking the make the list for?

Diken Smith

Yes, You should have email list and it depends on the business you have, if your business is related to product base then you must have email list of user who had subscribed your newsletter, that method make them up to date by email. Email marketing is good to get traffic and if you send proper and clear message to the client for any offers or request with proper text, images and etc. There are many free and paid email marketing services available in the market.
I would and be list building. Just as everyone has said, you should build one for sure. After you get a presence online and a large email list you can even make money from your list by becoming an affiliate of an Affiliate Network.

You can either do mass email with offers as such that might be great for your audience and make money on a CPA basis and/or you can reserve space for sending out emails where you put a campaign as an advertisement that goes along with all your mass emails you send to everyone or you can still even do CPA and see how it does.

This is just an idea to get into the Affiliate Marketing space to have multiple streams of income off your one business.
Do they still matter?
should building an email list be a priority?

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I would say most definitely. As long as you don't spam your customers (AHEM - I'm looking at you, Bath & Body Works and Barnes & Noble - though it seems to still work for them), an email list is an excellent way to maintain contact with your audience. It allows you to update your customers on developments in your business, inform them of sales and specials, survey them about their experiences, and more. And I know very few people who dislike emails from their favorite businesses. Text marketing, however? Super annoying.

If you're looking to build your email list sometime soon, Mailchimp and Constant Contact are great places to start. Wix also has an internal email list/management app, if you use Wix for your company site. Good luck!


Email marketing will increase your income significantly if you have a good product or services.
Most of the successful digital marketer use this strategy.

But just like what Diken Smith said your message should be attractive, clear, and have a good design, so your subscriber always want to open it.


Hi innov8,

Yes, definitely! Building an email list is like the bread and butter of any email marketing campaign.
Do make sure that you build a quality email list. In other words, your list should consist of people who expressed interest with your product/company (e.g.: those who signed up for your website, inquired, used your services, etc). This takes time though, so if you want to gain a bit of momentum, you can jumpstart this by employing paid ads and outbound marketing efforts.
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