Would it be considered a stretch, after even the small automaker, Again Mitsubishi, seeing a 22% rise in the 4th quarter of 2015? My idea is Zebu Motors, kinda taking a jab at Tesla if you will. It's building electric cars for the masses-while possibly testing out the notion of other out-of-the-box ways to fuel the vehicle (maybe make a fuel involving the use of everclear). The vehicle would be built out of aluminum (following Ford's footsteps) with, like Subaru and most famously Volvo, an emphasis on safety, such as the following:

- Anti-Skid Detection: vehicle automatically corrects a skid without driver input.

- Wildlife Detection: install sensors that sense up to 1000 feet for deer, moose, and other big game animals that total vehicles, often resulting in fatal accidents. The system would work by using satellite for geographic location.

- Auto Correct Assist: I thought of this in mind for the possibility of drivers either falling asleep or fainting at the wheel. This is where the vehicle turns into "autopilot" mode. Sensors on the bottom of the vehicle watch for any irregular or rapid movements. Again, using satellite communication, the vehicle would "find" a spot to pull over (e.g. the interstate), turn on hazards, and sound the horn for a short period.

Of course I would want to invest in other safety testing overtime, such as testing "dummy copies" in train side collisions and head on collisions reaching up to 90 mph (the crumple zones designed with this type of collision in mind. That is the safety aspect of it (I guess you could say me and Volvo think alike :p).

That's just the start. I can discuss my idea further if the idea is realistic.
What do you think?


Hey there,
I love your idea. Can I have more details?
I've got some ideas that I would like to input too. I'll pm you soon.

T J Tutor

Do you have experience in auto design and manufacturing?

Have you detailed the competitors in the field along with current market trends and market geos?


Environmental issues are going to be a massive market in the next few years, so targeting this area is a good idea. The only problem is that your going to be competing against manufacturers that are well established and trusted, investing billions into their environmental projects also.

For a project such as this your going to need a lot of capital to build and release just one vehicle, and then hope that you've stumbled across something all the other brands haven't, but when your looking at Toyota alone investing $3 billion dollars in R+D over the next 5 years, your going to be up against it.

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