There's a fine line between providing information to your subscribers and spam.

And there's a fine line between informing your subscribers and losing potential customers or clients.

How to Avoid Annoying Customers on Your Email List
by John Rampton,
Mar 14, 2017

Email marketing is a core facet of online marketing. No matter how a customer or potential customer landed on your email list, it is important to use the opportunity to build a deeper relationship while avoiding falling into the “annoying” or “spam” categories.

If you want to retain email followers and turn them into customers, follow these basic guidelines to ensure they remain a happy subscriber for years to come.

The article covers the following topics:
  1. Don’t Start with a Hard Sell
  2. Focus on Being Helpful
  3. Mix Up Your Emails to Stay Interesting
  4. Be Genuine and Honest
  5. Make Your Emails Something People Look Forward To
  6. Be Clear About Your Goals
  7. Put Yourself in the Subscriber’s Position

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