Among the numerous new domain extensions, xyz is said to have more value. Even Google has bought a XYZ domain. Currently, XYZ domain can be purchased at less than $1. Do you see any value in buying a lot of XYZ domains and selling those domains few years later?
I see no value in it. Although, Google has one domain name of such, they have at least one of each kind with Google in it to eliminate the competition and from their name being used but with different extension. Although, something is so cheap to buy, that does not mean you will be able to sell it at all, even at a cheaper rate than an $10/year .com. the .com boom has caused their to be more .com extensions than anything and is the most well known, used, and remembered.

Although, their are so many .com extensions out there, that just means that those who want to start an business and use an .com (highly recommended), you just need to be creative with the name you use to find one available and one that is short "ish" and easy for people to remember.


I have bought 3 domain names in the past month, all .com domains. They cost me less than $2 each time. You just need to know where to find them. Godaddy lets you buy one for cheap the very first time. So, if you can't buy it yourself, ask a relative or friend to buy it for you, and then get it from them.


I don't think it's as good of an investment as .com domains but if you have something creative enough then it can be a worthy investment. A lot of sites nowadays are more willing to be experimental with their addresses and I suspect this trend will just grow more in the future. However, whether xyz specifically will benefit from this is not a given, so i think there should be more creativity put into what you buy rather than just outright buying addresses with xyz as substitution, although even that might work if the company is big enough to care and they end up purchasing it from you.


Well, they kinda used that domain because it went pretty nicely with their new company name (Alphabet) and were able to construct a pretty clever domain name, but it was kind of a one time gimmick, they basically were able to secure the best domain (abc) that could go with .xyz, xyz by itself is not that easy to remember so the actual full domain name has to be clever and make a good use of those 3 letters. I can't come out with one right now, but if you can go ahead and buy it
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