For the few who are yet to use it, Periscope is a live streaming smartphone app which lets you "broadcast live video to the world." It really isn't the world you'll be broadcasting to though. It's only your followers who'll see your video.

When you go "live" your followers will get a notification and if they are interested they'll watch the video. When the broadcast is over the video can be replayed then afterwards removed from the App.

If you've got a gift of the gab, this can be a great way to promote your business.

Just curious, have any of you used Periscope to promote your business? Any tips you can offer those who haven't?


The thing is that your content has to be top notch quality because nobody will simply go around watching periscopes that are basically hour long commercials.

I think that, unless your business is the content itself, live broadcasting could be a little risky unless you actually have some experience with it, you could end up doing or saying something inappropriate. If you can create videos for promoting your business I think you are better of using something like YouTube. Create some nice videos with very nice production qualities, start gaining subscribers and then, with that captured audience, start doing live stuff. You could even start monetizing your YouTube views for some pocket change once you reach critical mass.
"You could even start monetizing your YouTube views for some pocket change once you reach critical mass"

You certainly can do that. However, what are the exact figures of that so-called "YouTube monetization program"? I guess it's $1 per 1000 views (some of them are not counted, for various reasons). Not that much unless you're a star there. They can definitely make a lot of money out there.


I have yet to use Periscope, but I would use it for promoting a live event or teaching class.
So, if I wanted to promote a concert my band was throwing, but I only had X amount of seats, I would sell out the seats and Persicope it to everyone else.
Or if I was teaching a class on how to cut hair, and I'm a stylist, I would use it to add some knowledge to my audience.
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