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Do you think investing in PTC sites is profitable?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Marketing' started by Federico.Gimeno, Jan 15, 2016.

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  1. Federico.Gimeno

    Federico.Gimeno Member

    I recently registered in a PTC (Paid To Click) site, which seems to be legit and all, since I received my first payout. Do you think one can make decent money in the short term investing a small amount of money (say $100 USD) in referrals / upgraded membership?
    Anyone who can share experiences with me?

  2. If you have lots of free time and ability to get many referrals, then yeah it can get you a few bucks. But you also need to research about the site. Google about it and read on other forums. But my advice is not to do this. It takes lots of time to get even 50 bucks. There are better methods out there.
  3. William Clements

    William Clements Moderator Member

    @Federico.Gimeno, you'd have better luck working on GPT Sites than PTC Sites. I used to own an PTC site and just as stated above it is a lot of time clicking for very little money. You can spend 365 days clicking on all campaigns and only make $1-3 per year. Yes, of course by referring you can get a few extra more like up to $10/year. However, GPT Sites have a bigger opportunity to earn. It is harder being outside of the main offer countries but it is getting much better as some offer walls have offers for all countries and so on.

    I currently (since 1/1/2012), own an GPT Site on top of my affiliate network and you can see a greater opportunity there! Wanna learn more? PM me!
  4. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Member

    I have long given up with PTC sites. They never really worked for me. I have also tried their referral/campaign programs, but sadly, none of them became profitable on my end so I just ditched them for good. Well, if you're making decent money with these sites, then I think you just got to stick to them.
  5. 111kg Member

    PTC sites are good, but only if you own them. Let the others do the work for you, you just sit back and make the ocassional payments, which are already absurdly low.

    You would earn more money by begging rather than working on the PTC websites.
  6. Vinaya.Ghimire

    Vinaya.Ghimire Member

    I have invested in numerous PTC. I have made as well as lost money on PTC. In my experience, if you have great marketing abilities and can find people who can join under you, you will make good money without doing big investments. However, if you don't have referral and you entirely depend on your investment, you are under risk of losing money.
    William Clements likes this.
  7. briannagodess

    briannagodess Member

    PTC sites aren't really worth it, at least for me. They take a long time before the cents add up. Sometimes, there aren't even enough ads or videos to click through. But I think referrals can be a great way to make some more money from PTCs. Even then, you will spend a long time getting this referrals as well.
  8. Federico.Gimeno

    Federico.Gimeno Member

    I see, well, I think I'm in the same boat as most of you. Couldn't make a penny as free member in several PTCs, so I wondered if upgraded members had better luck, but seems rather hard to earn either way.

    Thank you for your responses guys!
  9. rz3300

    rz3300 Member

    I think that I am torn on something like this. On one hand these sites do not really seem like anything worth an investment because the money is in such small amounts, but then again I always have that inkling that it is one of those areas where people might be missing out because of that fact. But I do think that it is more of a movie fantasy get-rich quick thing going on and not reality, so I would still stick with being a little weary.
  10. Federico.Gimeno

    Federico.Gimeno Member

    Besides, I think the time invested on making referrals an spreading out you referral link everywhere is not worth it. I'll start looking elsewhere... Thanks a lot guys!
  11. zulfik Member

    My answer is that it depends. If you chose some decent PTC sites (like Clixsense, neobux, trafficmonsoon) and formulated your strategies, you would get success in the PTC industry.
    Nevertheless you do need to have some marketing talent to get more and more direct referrals.
  12. Bonyi

    Bonyi Member

    I just started out with some ptc sites hoping to make some money. I think it all depends on your marketing skills and strategies.
    Does anyone know other ways to make money online outside ptc.
  13. zulfik Member

    You can start your own blog or website where you can advertise your registered PTC sites, or promote products from Amazon, ebay, etc.
  14. ctfranklin28

    ctfranklin28 Member

    I would go with others in saying PTC sites are not worth it. As a freelancer who has done almost every "work at home" job you can think of, I can tell you that there is no incentive for someone to click except to earn a few measly pennies. Freelancers that I interact with always talked bad about these sites. They may start off good, but inevitably, the freelancers leave and only the click-happy freelancers who want the few pennies or bots are left. As a result, there isn't a connection. Connections are what you need to start and continue a business.
  15. eProject

    eProject Member

    Working on PTC sites is just a waste of time. Most sites pay as little as $0.0005 for a click and you may have only 20 clicks for you per day. I have tried working on such sites but I never even reached the minimum withdrawal amount to request for a withdrawal. Since most people hate working on PTC sites you may never get enough referrals for you to make more.
  16. Faneendra Kumar

    Faneendra Kumar Member

    No, not at all... sorry for being blunt...
    It is absolute waste of time...
    As William Clements suggested, I would second it and wish you can make some decent money on GPT sites...

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